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New external holders for deep grooving turning profiling and part-off..

New external holders for deep grooving turning profiling and part-off..

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 30 August 2012


As part of the GND range of tools now available through Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal based in Princes Risborough are external holders for grooving, deep grooving, turning profiling and part-off.  In addition, for face grooving applications tool holders cover grooving, side cut grooving, turning and profiling.


The GND series is based upon high rigidity single piece holders able to reduce the onset of vibration by some 30 per cent compared against conventional grooving toolholders.  And, within the range is a wide selection of high precision sintered inserts to ensure an accurate and stable performance.  There are also five variations of chipbreaker that provide the ability to maximise the evacuation of swarf from the cutting zone and to ensure a more stable grooving or recessing operation. 


Inserts are available for groove widths between 2 mm and 6 mm and are produced within a tolerance band of ± 0.03 mm.  Groove depth can be up to 25 mm and face grooving can be created in work diameters between 35 mm and 1,000 mm using either LH or RH configurations of holder. 


There are two types of chipbreaker available for multi-purpose grooving and turning with MG specified for general feed applications and ML to accomodate slower infeed rates.  For grooving and part-off the GG chipbreaker is used for general feed machining and GL for lower feeds.  Meanwhile, for profiling the RG style is ideal for general feed rate use and for part-off applications the GL chipbreaker in left and right hand formats is for use at lower feed rates.

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