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Feeding the Positive Milling Champion
Feeding the Positive Milling Champion

Feeding the Positive Milling Champion

Added to MTDCNC by Taegutec on 29 February 2016

The resounding success of the ChaseFeed line from TaeguTec has now prompted the company to extend the popular milling range. The Korean cutting tool specialist has expanded the ChaseFeed series with the addition of a new smaller high positive SBMT09 insert line. The ChaseFeed family of highly efficient SBMT09 inserts and relevant tool holders has now been introduced to permit the same high feed performance characteristics to smaller depth of cut applications.

The existing ChaseFeed SBMT13 tools are available from 32mm diameter and upwards whilst the arrival of the new SBMT09 Series now extends the benefits of the ChaseFeed to tool diameters from 25 to 42mm diameter, modular type end mills from 25 to 42mm and face mill cutters in diameters from 32 to 80mm.  As a smaller insert designation, the SBMT09 is designed for reduced cutting depths at higher feed rates. The ability of the SBMT09 to run in many cases at feed rates up to 25% faster than the larger 13mm inserts is credit to the additional insert seats that can be accommodated on the SBMT09 tool bodies.  

The new SBMT09 insert has a high helix positive cutting edge that has been developed to reduce cutting forces and the stress on the machine spindle during high feed cutting. Like the larger SBMT13 Series, the SBMT09 is a single-sided insert with four cutting edges. The SBMT09 inserts are available with three different geometries. The 'M' geometry has been developed to generate optimum machining conditions on steel whilst the 'ML' geometry is suited for machining stainless steel and heat resistant alloys on low powered machines or in unstable long overhang applications. The final geometry is the 'MR' insert. This has been developed with a remarkable toughness and edge stability, which makes it ideal for cutting particularly hard materials and working under interrupted cutting conditions.

The R&D team at TaeguTec has refined this line to exhibit a level of durability that makes this smaller ChaseFeed series ideal for a variety of materials and application ranges. The new inserts can achieve a feed rate of 1.5mm/tooth at a maximum depth of cut of 1.2mm. This exceptionally high feed rate is credit to the strong insert composition and its 4mm thickness that enhances the performance of the SBMT09.

The design of the cutter bodies has been optimised with an insert seat design that restricts insert movement and reduces the stress on the cutting edge. Furthermore, the ChaseFeed tool holders provide the option of through coolant to ensure the work envelope remains clear of swarf when conducting high feed machining. The high-pressure through coolant facility guides the cutting fluid through the channels direct to the cutting edge to prolong tool life and enhance machining performance.

The combination of a strong insert design with an innovative geometry has delivered extremely positive results when compared to alternate products. When applied to mould steel, the ChaseFeed SBMT09 has increased metal removal rates by over 90% compared to leading competitor tools.

For more information on how you can improve your high feed milling applications with TaeguTec, please contact your local representative via: www.taegutec.com

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