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Fine Threading From LMT

Fine Threading From LMT

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 11 December 2016

Compared with the machining method, thread forming excels through its higher repeat accuracy and stronger thread form. The new FormMax solid carbide thread from LMT Fette enhances the process as it is made of newly developed ultra-fine-grain carbide that is tailored precisely to customers’ needs. Credit to its optimised geometry, the FormMax will deliver results like never before.

Thread quality and tool life are increased with the FormMax, as the coated tool surface is remarkably smooth for efficient chip removal. Furthermore, higher circumferential speeds from the FormMax can increase the efficiency of the thread forming process. The tool is equipped with internal cooling channels for enhanced performance levels.

The standard threading program covers the measurements M4 to M12 and MF8X1 to MF14X1.5. As a standard tool, the FormMax is in stock and can be delivered to customers at short notice.

As an example of the FormMax potential, one customer improved their tool life rod threads by 23 percent thanks to innovations in the solid carbide M8 X1 thread former. The customer profits from shorter processing times and longer tool life. The FormMAX thread former is particularly intended for use in series production. In the automotive sector, the FormMax is used in the production of connecting rods and crankshafts. Furthermore, the ingenious new FormMax can comfortably process steel, austenitic steels as well as products made of aluminum and copper alloys. 

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