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Floyd Gives Micron Precision With New SRS System

Floyd Gives Micron Precision With New SRS System

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 24 March 2015

For truly concentric grinding of cylindrical components, Floyd Automatic Tooling has now launched the Schaublin Runout Adjustment System (SRS) into the UK marketplace. The new Schaublin SRS clamping system enables the machine operator to adjust the concentricity of the collet to a runout of less than 0.002mm along the whole length of the component or tool shank.

Whilst the concentricity and precision of this new innovation is impressive, equally impressive is the ease of use and adjustment to achieve such high precision results. The SRS can be applied to the manufacture and regrinding of cutting tools, precise operations on pick-off spindles, miscellaneous grinding applications and for the highly precise inspection of components.

The advantages of the SRS collet adapting device are numerous. However, the key advantage is its ability to deliver remarkable precision with an easy adjustment process. The new collet setting device from Schaublin, the Swiss precision specialist has been developed to minimise maintenance requirements with remarkable protection from dirt, dust and swarf ingress. Extremely flexible, the SRS can be applied to most collet types and is compatible with a wide variety of machine tools.

The set-up procedure for the SRS system is remarkably simple. Once the concentricity adjustment of the collet adaptor has been made, the collet can be inserted in the usual way or screwed from the front. The final adjustment is performed directly with the clamped workpiece or an adapted gauge. With easily accessible differential screws, the concentricity of the clamped part or tool can be easily and safely adjusted to eliminate the angular error and also centre any repeatability errors.

The patented SRS system is delivered in a protective box that contains a nose collet, a USB Key, a cylindrical gauge, a screw, hexagonal key and an elastic washer. The draw bar, set-up key and threaded adaptor must be ordered separately to suit the type and size of the SRS chosen by the customer.

Already widely available for machine tools such as Studer, Schaublin, Walter and Anca; the SRS can be easily developed for use on a multitude machine types upon request.  For further details on how the SRS system can improve your precision down to the very last micron, please contact Floyd Automatic on Tel: 01462 491919.

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