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Form drilling and form turning Schwanog tools from Floyd
Form drilling and form turning Schwanog tools from Floyd

Form drilling and form turning Schwanog tools from Floyd

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 07 January 2014

Form drilling and form turning operations can now provide significant productivity benefits of up to 80% with new bespoke solutions from Floyd Automatic Tooling, courtesy of the new PWP range from Schwanog.  The German specialist tooling manufacturer has now developed its series of form drilling and external turning inserts to improve cycle times for users of sliding and fixed head turning centres and multi-spindle turning centres.

The PWP-D form drilling range from Schwanog consists of a shank and an inversely ground and sharpened insert that is capable of machining up to a bore diameter of 28mm with a depth of 13mm. The new PWP-D range offers a host of benefits for the customer by reducing tooling costs up to 40% whilst eliminating excessive tool set-up times and multiple changeovers for the machining of complex forms. Ideal for the production of complex forms in batch and production runs, the new PWP-D form tools offer considerable productivity benefits, set-up and tool changeover reductions as well as tool life and cost benefits for the end user.

Suitable for use on all types of turning, drilling and machining centres, the PWP range incorporates an insert that is individually ground to the customer requirements to  minimum tolerance of +/-0.02mm. The form ground inserts drastically reduce set-up times whilst the through coolant facility supports the productivity benefits and swarf clearance of the new range. The development of the new PWP-D system not only reduces the cycle times and set-up times for the end user, it also reduces tooling costs with the form tools being able to conduct drilling, facing and finishing of external chamfers in a single operation. Spherical contours, face grooves and two-fold cutting edges can be created to reduce tooling inventory and manufacturing processes and the respective production times for the customer. The Schwanog form tools that can be developed from any customer drawing or requirement, make the possibilities endless for the end user.

The Schwanog form tool system is available in a wide variety of insert grades and coatings to enable highly productive machining of all material types with remarkable tool life. The tool life and surface finishes are further enhanced by the V-shaped insert seat and innovative screw clamping system that provides remarkable rigidity and clamping strength. This innovative clamping design also enables the PWP system to deliver phenomenal accuracy, tolerance and surface finish levels for the end user.

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