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Floyd Slides Out Another High-end Turning Line

Floyd Slides Out Another High-end Turning Line

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 06 December 2016

Following the world premiere at the SIAMS show and the international show debut at AMB in September, Floyd Automatic is delighted to announce the arrival of the new PRO-Line range of indexable insert turning tools from Applitec.

Developed for sliding head turning centres, the new PRO-Line is undoubtedly the next generation of insert tooling for the small turned parts industry. Applitec is regarded as a world-leader in the development of precision tooling for Swiss type sliding head machines; and with the PRO-Line, the Swiss manufacturer is once again breaking new ground. The PRO-Line is a blend between the best-selling TOP-Line twin-screw insert products and the single-screw ECO-Line. What this gives the customer is an insert line that delivers diversity, performance and quality whilst meeting the cost-down demands of the modern machine shop.

Applitec has achieved this blend by re-engineering the twin-screw program. This evolution now permits the PRO-Line to reduce both material and production costs to provide twin-screw rigidity and performance at lower prices with a new patented insert clamping system. This unique clamping solution also ensures that even a broken insert with just one remaining edge can still be used.

The PRO-Line program consists of two series of holders and inserts. Firstly, the 630/640 grooving and turning series has been introduced with a short and wide insert geometry for robust turning applications. The second series,  the 650/660 Series is a parting-off line that provides thin and long insert geometries for parting-off up to Ø20mm with a 2mm width. For customers already familiar with the Applitec lines, the Swiss manufacturer has made the new range available with many of the established insert geometries from the TOP-Line range; this includes the laser generated forms that have proven very successful.

The new PRO-Line is available with the option of a TiAlN coated universal grade for machining steel, stainless and titanium alloys or as an uncoated grade that is suitable for interrupted cutting and other difficult machining tasks. The selection of insert geometries includes the 632/642 front turning, 632X/642X front turning, 632S/642S multi-function turning and the 631-EP and 641-EP blank insert. For the 650/660 parting-off series of tools, Applitec has developed the 651/661 standard part-off insert, the 651XF/661XF, the 651X12/661X12, the 651U/661U, 651R and the new 661ZU.

With regard to the toolholder selection, the new series is offered with toolholder options of square shanks that include 8,10,12, 12.7, 16 and 20mm with an overall length of 50,75, 90, 115, 120 and130mm depending upon the chosen tool width. Both toolholders have an optional integrated coolant supply system and left and right hand cutting options. For further details on the new Applitec line, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.

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