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Generate the ideal cutting tool solution with Seco SUGGEST

Generate the ideal cutting tool solution with Seco SUGGEST

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 04 June 2016

Instant product search, identification and ordering…immediate access to Seco’s online database to help generate the ideal cutting tool solution for new and existing jobs…and now, exclusive cutting tool discounts on high-performance Seco products - are all benefits customers can take advantage of when they sign up to Seco SUGGEST.

In 2015, Seco Tools launched its new, single entry point and single sign-in online portal called MY PAGES. 

Providing Seco customers and Technical Partners with direct and reliable access to product information, cutting data and test reports as well as allowing them to place orders, view previous order history and check stock availability, My Pages unsurprisingly, generated significant interest when introduced.

The interest has grown as more and more real-time and feature-rich functionality has been added to the system with more and more customers signing up and becoming active members of the MY PAGES community.

One of these latest developments to MY PAGES is called SUGGEST.

SUGGEST is easy to use and easy to understand, and can be accessed anywhere...anytime via a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

According to Mike Fleming, Seco’s Sales & Marketing Manager, “SUGGEST transforms the way customers first identify, and then select, the right Seco tool for new and, indeed, existing jobs”.

With 20,000 standard Seco products available to manufacturers, it was only a matter of time before Seco designed and developed a reliable and real-time product search facility within MY PAGES. 

That time has now arrived.

SUGGEST is a powerful tool and incorporates and exploits Seco's extensive knowledge of different materials and their machinability, and different machining processes, methods and best-practice etc.

By simply completing a series of prompts (e.g. material being machined, part dimensions and part features etc.,) – the SUGGEST will conduct a thorough analysis of the MY PAGES database and generate the ideal cutting tool solution (as well as also providing a number of alternatives and options).

SUGGEST also inform users about stock availability so they can place an order, there and then, via Seco’s Online Store.

A further incentive to motivate even more manufacturers to sign-up to SUGGEST, are the exclusive discounts being offered to MY PAGES account holders on selected Seco tooling products. (At least 50% off list).

Concludes Mike Fleming:

“SUGGEST is a great tool for new and inexperienced manufacturing engineers as it provides them with a quick method of tapping into our collective ‘know-how’ and arriving at suitable product solutions.

“SUGGEST also highlights the availability of new cutting tool solutions as well as product upgrades and extensions that we have recently added to our tooling portfolio.

“And, with the latest development to SUGGEST, account holders can now take advantage of significant savings on Seco products.”

To take advantage of these opportunities requires manufacturers to sign-up to become a MY PAGES account holder.

The process is simple and straightforward…and starts by manufacturers completing and submitting a short online MY PAGES registration form, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

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