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Gewefa face and taper tool holders

Gewefa face and taper tool holders

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 19 November 2015

The Gewefa range of face and taper toolholders is now one of the the largest available covering a range of formats including collet chucks, shrink toolholders and even the high security ‘Securlok’ system to cover all machining operations.


Face and taper toolholders have the advantage of offering greater rigidity through an enhanced ‘face contact’ connection (known as ‘FC’ contact) with the spindle.  This is achieved by precision grinding the back flange face and the tool holder taper so that the contact with the spindle is optimised.  It should be noted that the machine tool must also be equipped with a face and taper compatible contact spindle.


The result is an improvement in cutting performance due to elimination of vibration, an extended cutter life and a reduction in the opportunities for fretting damage on the toolholder taper. This will be particularly noticeable in high speed or heavy cutting operations.


Face and taper toolholders also offer significantly improved cutting characteristics when deep or large diameter boring or where longer projections of the tool holder are necessary such as pocketing operations.  End milling is also improved due to lack of vibration being transmitted to the cutter.


Users can also expect longer life from the machine tool; the absence of vibration prolongs the spindle life, maintains its precision and reduces strain and wear on internal components such as bearings.

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