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Gewefa Securlok side lock toolholder has many advantages

Gewefa Securlok side lock toolholder has many advantages

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 17 August 2012

Having unveiled the working prototype of its new hydraulic side lock toolholder at the MACH 2012 exhibition, customers are now purchasing Gewefa UK’s 100% secure chuck following the completion of extensive production trials.

Branded the ‘Gewefa Securlok’*, the toolholder is essentially a hydraulic chuck design that, with the addition of a second mechanical side clamping mechanism, provides 100% tool shank and process security.  It is ideal for general and heavy duty milling operations in composites and ISO S rated materials often used in airframe manufacture and where there are substantial radial and axial forces on the cutting tool.  These forces are likely to create conditions with the potential for the cutter to slip or pull out. 

More importantly ‘Securlok’ offers a guaranteed concentricity - within 0.003mm TIR maximum - providing uniform chip load on each cutting edge for longer cutter life.

Unlike some, the ‘Securlok’ offers a totally enclosed clamping unit which prevents any possibility of swarf or coolant entering the hydraulic chuck mechanism, potentially causing internal damage that could necessitate costly servicing and putting the toolholder out of action.

Importantly, the Gewefa toolholder is suitable for use with standard cutters machined with a Weldon flat (DIN 1835 Form B) or a Whistle Notch (DIN 1835 Form E) connection.

This makes the ‘Securlok’ a genuinely universal toolholder whereas other manufacturer’s designs require special grooves to be machined into the cutter shank which restricts the customer to using cutters available only from the toolholder supplier.

“Gewefa has always championed the cause of universal toolholders that enable the widest application of any cutter,” explains Gewefa UK managing director Keith Warner.  “This allows for maximum flexibility when selecting the cutter of choice and in designing a toolholder that accepts DIN, Weldon and Whistle Notch formats we leave the cutter brand and format entirely to the customer’s discretion, extending the use of the toolholder to the widest number of applications.”

With its slim nose design the ‘Securlok’ is finding particular favour in aero frame machining applications where demanding surface finishes and high removal rates are all important.  In these environments the anti-vibration characteristics of the hydraulic chuck come to the fore, when the consequences of heavy radial or axial loads particularly when milling can cause slip or vibration (causing tool ‘chatter’) and contributing to poor surface finishes and reduced insert life.

The chance of the cutting tool shank slipping or pulling out applies to any friction based securing arrangement ranging from roll type milling chucks to shrink toolholders, hydraulic chucks and collet chucks.  Suitable for milling and drilling in normal and heavy duty conditions, the ‘Securlok’ is very operator friendly with both locking operations undertaken with a single ‘T’ wrench.

As phase one of its introduction, Gewefa has introduced toolholders in HSK, DIN 69871 and BT formats.

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