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Gewefa toolholding expertise on show

Gewefa toolholding expertise on show

Added to MTDCNC by '360' Training Academy on 04 January 2017

Southern Manufacturing - Stand P7; FIVE

Gewefa UK Ltd, the Corsham based specialist toolholding and allied equipment supplier is making its Southern Manufacturing debut in the spring 2017 event.

Gewefa is one of Europe’s leading toolholding developers and manufacturers and its UK company offers a comprehensive range, also offering products from EWS, Pibomulti, OTT-Jakob, Nann and Rineck.

Products from these suppliers extend the range of Gewefa spindle nose tooling into driven tools, speeders and angle heads, heat shrink clamping, spindle monitoring equipment and one of the world’s largest ranges of collets.

Specific products on display at the event will include the two latest Gewefa innovations – the ‘Securlok’ universal tool clamping solution with the Venturi coolant system and the ‘Grindtec’ zero run-out tool holder.

The ‘Securlok’ concept is a tool clamping solution that incorporates safety and adjustment features from three of its proven designs plus the unique Venturi coolant delivery capability.

It has been designed primarily for aerospace applications where arduous, precision machining using challenging materials is becoming increasingly commonplace.  By combining the established features of a hydraulic toolholder with ultra-safe Gewefa Securlok clamping, the side accessed precision Radax adjuster and now the coolant feature, Gewefa believes it has created a truly unique combination.

The Grindtec hydro chuck extends the range of standard and special purpose hydraulic toolholders into applications for bespoke tool grinding machines.

A key feature is an adjustment mechanism that enables compensation of the run out at the tip of the (clamped) cutter to zero tolerance, eliminating run out errors between the tool tip and the spindle.  This is achieved by adjusting three screws located in a ring fitted around the toolholder body. The cutter shank is therefore ‘fine-tuned’ to achieve zero accuracy of its position at a distance 100mm from the ring.

Also featured will be the recently introduced Gewefa ‘HydroPin’ single point boring bar toolholder.  This Gewefa invented toolholder utilises the proven tool grip features of a hydraulic chuck with the added advantage of guaranteeing fixed orientation when positioning the bar.


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