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Greenleaf Accelerates Milling Rates With New Ceramic Line

Greenleaf Accelerates Milling Rates With New Ceramic Line

Added to MTDCNC by Greenleaf Europe BV on 15 May 2017

The new Greenleaf Excelerator XF Milling Cutter System has now been developed for the high-feed milling of a wide variety of materials including hard steels and high-temperature alloys. Implementing Greenleaf’s superior ceramic and carbide inserts, the new Excelerator XF makes high material removal rates a breeze when cutting particularly challenging materials.

The cutter bodies have been designed with large chip gullets and a fine pitch to give end users the most teeth possible for maximum performance and extreme metal removal rates. The cutter body sizes range from 25mm to 315mm with the smallest diameter accommodating four insert pockets whilst the largest 315mm diameter holds 24 inserts for extremely heavy duty metal removal operations. Furthermore, the tool bodies offer a high feed end mill designation with square positive inserts for diameters up to 55mm whilst tool bodies from 80 to 315mm diameter incorporate a positive rake design for maximum efficiency and metal removal.

All Excelerator XF cutters can use Greenleaf's WG-300 whiskered ceramic inserts for use on hardened and difficult-to machine materials. Alternately end users can choose from a variety of Greenleaf carbide grades for easier-to-cut materials. This diversity gives end users the versatility that no other high-feed cutter on the market can match. Greenleaf's Excelerator Milling System maximizes performance and versatility at an affordable price. 

All cutter bodies are available right and left hand designation with the range of inserts allowing customers to effectively machine everything from cast iron and steel through to high temperature alloys and hardened steels up to 65HRc.


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