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Greenleaf Takes Cast Iron Machining To Next Level

Greenleaf Takes Cast Iron Machining To Next Level

Added to MTDCNC by Greenleaf Europe BV on 17 June 2017

Cast iron machining is a challenge that has now been simplified by Greenleaf with the introduction of its innovative new GSN100 grade of silicon nitride inserts. Taking tool life to a new plateau when conducting high speed machining of cast iron, the next generation GSN100 is redefining productivity levels when machining this challenging material. 

As an industry leader in the development of ceramic and coated ceramic cutting tools, Greenleaf has introduced the GSN100 insert grade to display superior toughness levels, extended tool life and unparalleled surface finishes at elevated feed rates. This combination gives end users cost effective machining with unsurpassed productivity and quality levels when cutting at high speed and feed rates. 

The new GSN100 is an engineered blend of silicon nitride and proprietary toughening agents that are manufactured with a hot-pressed process that generates superior wear and toughness characteristics when machining at elevated parameters. The GSN100 is available in all standard geometries for a completely flexible solution that will correspond with a complete line of existing Greenleaf tool bodies. This interchange-ability gives end users a cost effective solution for all machining needs. For further details, contact your local Greenleaf representative.


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