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Groovex Mini-V range of indexable carbide

Groovex Mini-V range of indexable carbide

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 18 April 2013

Vargus Tooling UK has announced a range of developments in its market-leading Groovex Mini-V range of indexable carbide inserts for ‘mini’ grooving, boring and threading applications:

- The range has been extended with new inserts for larger bore work with minimum bores from 14-16 mm;
- There is improved chip evacuation (especially on stainless steels) for boring applications from 7.8 mm to 20 mm minimum bore diameters;  and
- The range now also includes square and round face grooving tools for internal and external applications with minimum bore diameters of 12 mm and 14 mm, respectively.

Available for operations in bores from 8 mm upwards, the 14 inserts in the Mini-V range can now accommodate minimum bore diameters from 8 mm to 16 mm for grooving and 8 mm to 15.8 mm for internal boring, and from 8 mm diameter for threading. Groove widths of 1.2 mm to 3 mm can be produced and groove depths up to 4 mm.

Mini-V inserts are supplied as PVD-coated TiAIN and utilise a simple clamping system on sleeve or integral toolholders that boast effective coolant supply.

Mini-V complements a Vargus range of groove milling tools that includes GM Solid, GM Slot and SGM.

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