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The GUHROSync tool holders from Guhring

The GUHROSync tool holders from Guhring

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 01 September 2015

To complement its extensive threading line, Guhring has now launched its new line of synchro tapping chucks. The new GUHROSync system has been introduced to deliver the advantages of hydraulic chucks and synchro tapping chucks, all in a single toolholder. 


By incorporating a long-life metal spring and polymer ring for axial damping, the new GUHROSync considerably reduces axial and radial forces to deliver the perfect thread. Furthermore, the innovative new tapping head utilises a torsional damper, hydraulic chuck and reduction sleeve to ensure the customer witnesses improved tool life, greater process reliability and exceptional thread quality. 


The GUHROSynco has been created with a modular design to accommodate different standard and special versions. This permits the fast and accurate length setting of tools to reduce changeover times for the end user. In addition to this, minimal length compensation in tension and compression direction, balances the very small pitch differences between the synchro spindle and the tap.


The flexibility of the GUHROSync and the vast array of options enable customers to purchase the new threading line with HSK-A, ISO Taper, MAS/BT and straight shank hydraulic synchro tapping chucks with either internal coolant up to a maximum pressure of 80bar or an MQL distribution system. 


The GUHROSync can accommodate standard taps from M3 to M20 and for each tapping size the, new technology compensates synchronisation errors and has a length setting screw that allows a generous adjustment range of up to 3mm. As well as the extensive line of tapping chucks, Guhring has created a line of CAT shrink fit holders, CAT side lock holders, sealed reduction sleeves for hydraulic synchro tapping and GUHROJET reduction sleeves for the hydraulic synchro tapping chucks.

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