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Guhring Preys On Competition With New Raptor End Mills
Guhring Preys On Competition With New Raptor End Mills

Guhring Preys On Competition With New Raptor End Mills

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 18 July 2016

To prevent the formation of built-up edges and the adhesion of material to the cutting edge, Guhring has now introduced its new RF100 Raptor end mill Series. The new RF100 Raptor incorporates Guhring's new Raptor coating technology that improves the removal of chips from the work area as well as the cutting tool.

Developed for the machining of steel, titanium and stainless materials, the Raptor Series is a 3, 4, or 6 fluted end mill line that is offered with diameters from 3 to 20mm with an overall length from 57 to 104mm. However, the key feature of the new Raptor line is the innovative new Raptor coating technology that has a multi-layer construction with a zirconium cover layer that reduces the chemical reaction with the material being machined. The result of this mechanical resistance is the optimal protection of the cutting tool whilst simultaneously reducing the friction value. This coating technology combines with the innovative geometry to improve material removal rates and extend tool life.

Primarily designed for slotting and general roughing and finishing operations, the RF100 Raptor has a geometry that includes an unequal helix to minimise vibration and chatter whilst the optimised transition angle delivers exceptional stability. This stability is further enhanced with a double cutting edge corner and face cutting correction that protects the cutting edges to extend tool life. The result of combining the Raptor coating technology with the extremely stable tool geometry is a tool capable of extending feed rates by over 60% when compared to conventional cutting tools.

For further details on this solid carbide milling line from Guhring, please contact your local Guhring representative.

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