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Guhring Takes-Off With New Aircraft End Mills

Guhring Takes-Off With New Aircraft End Mills

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 12 June 2016

If the name wasn't specific enough, the 'RF100Ti Aircraft' range of end mill tools from Guhring is a line of high performance end mills for cutting high tensile titanium alloys and special materials that are specified in the aerospace sector.

The new milling series is ideal for slotting, ramping, plunging, trochoidal milling and orbital drilling, which makes this new innovation the tool of choice for the industry.

Specifically developed for the aerospace industry and the stainless steels and titanium alloys commonly machined, the new RF100 Ti Aircraft is a solid carbide range of tools with the choice of Guhring's TiAlN Super-A coating or the new Zenit coating technology that glides through the material with its reduced adhesion characteristics. The four flute end mill series combines the choice of these two coatings with a geometry design that has been meticulously developed for extending tool life, material removal rates and overall efficiency whilst reducing cutting forces with its swarf evacuation characteristics. 

To extend the tool life of the RF100 Ti Aircraft, the coating technology combines with an optimised corner radius that ranges from 0.5mm to 5mm. Available in diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm, the smaller tool diameters have the choice of six corner radii from 0.5 to 2mm whereas the 16, 20 and 25mm tools have a choice of eight corner radii from 0.5 to 5mm. The face of the end mill also has a particularly large chip pocket and web thinning that permit reliable plunging and orbital drilling whilst rapidly disposing swarf from the cutting area.  

To retain such impressive swarf removal characteristics on all types of milling operation, the RF100Ti Aircraft has a flute spacing that has been optimised with a deeper flute geometry in front of the cutting area. This feature aids chip removal and prevents re-cutting whilst a 38 degree helix angle further enforces the message that swarf is accelerated away from the contact point. 

At the top of the flute, the Guhring engineers have applied an optimised transition angle that aids stability when conducting heavy material removal. With a maximum cutting length of 13mm on the smallest 6mm diameter tool and 45mm on the 25mm diameter series, the flutes have been ground to the optimum length for machining such difficult alloys. All these features have been put to the test and the new RF100 Ti Aircraft has demonstrated that it can rough machine TiAl6V4 grade titanium at a Q rate of 36cm3/min (cubic centimetres per minute) with a tool life in excess of 135minutes. So, if you want to achieve this impressive material removal rates on aerospace grade alloys whilst getting greater flexibility from your tools, its time you tried the new RF100Ti Aircraft from Guhring.

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