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HCR1335 and HCN1345 improved Toollife from WNT
HCR1335 and HCN1345 improved Toollife from WNT

HCR1335 and HCN1345 improved Toollife from WNT

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 03 December 2012

HCR1335 and HCN1345 are the latest insert grades to join WNT’s expanding range Dragonskin inserts, with these grades specifically targeting grooving applications, where they provide increased tool life, process security and overall performance. 

Development of HCR1335 and HCN1345 is the direct result of significant investment in substrate and coating technology the combination of which are allowing increased cutting data to be applied across a wide range of steels, including stainless steel.

HCR1335 is ideal for difficult machining conditions, such as interrupted cutting, with its high edge stability and hard wearing characteristics providing enhanced process security at cutting speeds of up to 220 m/min and feedrates up to 0.28 mm/rev when grooving and parting (0.3mm/rev when side turning).

For more universal applications the choice is HCN1435 where the substrate and grade allow the insert to perform at elevated cutting data across a much wider range of steel materials and cutting conditions.

Both insert grades are available in three single-ended styles and one double-ended, with a choice of chipbreaker. The GX double-ended inserts provide the highest versatility for parting and grooving and dependant on the chipbreaker are ideal for thin-walled workpieces and also offer a polished geometry for stainless steel. The SX single-ended inserts are suitable for parting, grooving and copy turning, while the LX single-ended insert targets more extreme applications producing grooves up to 8mm in width, finally is the FX single-ended style which is capable of machining a wide range of parts including those with thin walls, where its sharp geometry comes into its own.

WNT will have these new inserts available for discussion at its open house at its Sheffield Technical Centre on the 23rd to 24th January and also at Southern Manufacturing on the 13-14 February 2013.


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