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High performance low power MaxiMill271 new from WNT
High performance low power MaxiMill271 new from WNT

High performance low power MaxiMill271 new from WNT

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 17 October 2012

MaxiMill 271-17 is the latest facemill development from WNT (UK) and its combination of positive geometry inserts, increased depth of cut, and maximum stability, are generating productivity and performance benefits across a wide range of applications.

Combining maximum cutting performance, with depths of cut of as much as 8.4mm from the new 17 mm edge length inserts, with a low power requirement makes the MaxiMill 271-17 series of cutters highly attractive to users of smaller machines or those operating with less than ideal working conditions, in terms of component rigidity and workholding. This performance is enhanced by the design of the double-sided positive rake inserts that give up to eight cutting edges and the cutter body design that has optimum insert pocket geometry and maximised swarf removal capacity.

“Maximill-271-17 offers great potential for users to improve metal cutting performance and, with many of our customers using machines with smaller spindles and lower power outputs, the ability to maximise depth of cut while maintaining a stable, smooth, cutting action with a reduced power requirement will be a major benefit,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director WNT (UK).

The SAKU designated inserts are available in five different grades making them suitable for cutting most materials including cast iron, steel, as well as stainless and heat resistant materials. The insert geometry provides high levels of cutting edge stability and low vibration thanks to the even distribution of the cutting forces. This, along with excellent swarf control and the eight cutting edges ensure that productivity is set at a high level, while costs are reduced.

Potential application areas for MaxiMill 271-17 include general engineering, automotive (engine and gearbox casings) and, in particular, thin-walled components where the reduced cutting forces generated by MaxiMill 271-17 help to reduce component deformation.

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