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HSV22 High Speed Milling Cutters from WNT Enhance Performance

HSV22 High Speed Milling Cutters from WNT Enhance Performance

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 07 August 2012

The recently introduced range of HSV22 high speed milling cutters from WNT(UK) will enhance the production of non-ferrous components. It will achieve this through a combination of higher spindle speeds and the greater versatility of the cutter body design.

The cutter bodies, which come as facemill A style or, as a monoblock M style with an HSK 63A spindle interface, have a deeply dished face. This enhancement allows up to 9 mm of plunge when ramping into the face of a component. Additionally, the cutters have the capability to angle ramp at up to 42 degrees and to circular mill into solid from 20 mm up to 250 mm diameter, dependent on cutter diameter.

Indexable s for the HSV22 cutters are available in two forms, carbide and PCD (polycrystaline diamond), with two cutting geometries available in both materials. All0 of the s present an extremely sharp cutting edge, capable of depth of cuts up to 15 mm with the carbide s and up to 8.5 mm with PCD. The s are supplied in VCGT and VCGX styles in carbide and as VCGW in PCD.

The combination of balanced cutter body and the precision s allows spindle speeds of up to 24,000 revs/min with feedrates of up to 0.6 mm/tooth aided by the through tool coolant/air blast that is standard on all cutter bodies.

&ldquoThe increasing use of light, non-ferrous , alloys is placing greater pressure on machine shops across the UK. By creating the HSV22 series of cutters WNT is providing another opportunity for our customers to reduce cycle times, develop new production methods, and improve their profitability,&rdquo Adrian Fitts, Buisness Development Manager, WNT (UK).

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