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Guhring HR500 Reamers - best in class..

Guhring HR500 Reamers - best in class..

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 01 September 2015

The precision finishing of holes up to 50mm diameter has now been simplified by Guhring with the introduction of its new HR500 line of precision reamers. The cutting tool specialist has now extended its reaming line with the introduction of the HR500 line of solid carbide reamers for hole diameters up to 20mm, the HR500G line of carbide or cermet tipped reamers for holes up to 40mm, the HR500 Alu series of solid carbide reamers for aluminium and AlSi alloys and the HR500 Active range of special application reamers. 


With the comprehensive HR 500 range, Guhring provides high-performance reamers for virtually any application task. Countless technical innovations give the HR 500 high-performance reamers their exceptional properties, from which the user benefits from maximum cutting rates and therefore shortest machining times as well as optimum hole qualities. Capable of machining hard materials up to and beyond 60HRc, the new reamers are available with geometries for cutting blind, through and stepped holes. Additionally, the Guhring HR500 line offers different through coolant delivery channels for the cooling and chip removal from blind and through holes.


With the new Guhring HR 500 reamer, the user gains multiple benefits that include extremely high cutting rates, maximal process reliability, absolutely constant hole diameters and considerable time savings and therefore cost saving in the production process. In addition, the HR500 line has been developed for a broad range of applications with a standard program with favourable prices as well as excellent stock availability. With intermediate dimensions, that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively at any time Guhring is also delighted to offer its HR 500 ACTIVE special range of reamers that can be pro

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