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Integrated manufacturing solutions on show at EMO from M.A. Ford Europe

Integrated manufacturing solutions on show at EMO from M.A. Ford Europe

Added to MTDCNC by MA Ford on 10 September 2015

In addition to introducing a number of new high performance cutting tools at EMO, M.A. Ford Europe is demonstrating a range of machining process improvement technologies as part of its integrated manufacturing solutions (IMS) drive to help improve customer productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.


IMS combines M.A. Ford’s high performance solid carbide tooling and Rego-Fix® non-pull out tool holders with specialised high speed machining (HSM) tool path software and BlueSwarf® Dashboards anti-vibration analysis to optimise the machining process for virtually any component. 


Alongside live and video demonstrations of Rego-Fix®, BlueSwarf® Dashboards and HSM software, M.A Ford’s new products and extensions to existing ranges will also be on show together with pre-recorded cutting demonstrations showing the exceptional tool performance and metal removal rates achievable on a range of materials from stainless steel to aluminium.


M.A. Ford’s TuffCut® XT 277 Series end mill range is being shown for the first time in Europe and uses an ALtima® BLAZE high performance coating, ‘heli-pitch’ vibration damping geometry and a 4-flute design to deliver exceptional material removal, surface finish, precision and tool life. 


Heli-pitch geometry and a 4-flutes also features in the new UK made TuffCut® VMH range, which uses an ALtima® 52 coating, giving it impressive performance with Inconel, as well as high temperature alloys, stainless steel and the dry machining of steels.


For high performance machining of aluminium, the 3-fluted ‘vari-helix’ TuffCut® X-AL 137 VR and 137 VF ranges are dedicated to roughing and finishing operation respectively giving an excellent combination of extreme metal removal and high quality finish.


Visit M.A Ford Europe at EMO Milan Hall 10: Stand D20


Further information on M.A. Ford Europe and its manufacturing solutions is available from www.mafordeurope.com or by calling +44 (0) 1332 267960.

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