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ITC enhances PCD tooling machining with new Walter power diamond
ITC enhances PCD tooling machining with new Walter power diamond

ITC enhances PCD tooling machining with new Walter power diamond

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 13 October 2014

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has long been committed to providing solutions to the ever changing world of composite material machining. With an established history of manufacturing tailor made cutting tool solutions for the aerospace and motorsport sectors, ITC has added the latest Walter Helitronic Power Diamond Tool and Cutter Grinder to its modern machine shop for the production of PCD and Diamond coated cutting tools.


Since its installation, the new machine has been manufacturing  high end cutting tools from the ITC product catalogue, such as the 2111 Series of PCD end mills, the new 9001 and the 190 Series of multiple flute, solid carbide diamond cut routers.


In addition to these product lines, this latest state-of-the-art machine tool has been acquired to produce complex PCD and CBN Tooling  that is critical to the successful machining of the latest composite material advances. With the addition of the Walter Helitronic Power Diamond, ITC are now producing new cutters with groundbreaking geometries for the increasing variation of composites materials.


The Helitronic Power Diamond utilises a combination of grinding wheels and electrodes for the production of solid carbide and PCD tipped tools in a single set-up. This ability to completely manufacture complex geometry tooling in a single set-up improves the already astounding tool quality and consistency at ITC. Capable of processing tools up to 320mm diameter and 350mm long, the Helitronic Power Diamond incorporates easy-to-use Tool Studio software that enables ITC to quickly and easily create tool geometries and movement sequences. Furthermore, with its 'Wizard' functionality, ITC can utilise 3D-simulation to check and optimise grinding operations.


ITC are continually evolving its cutting tools by introducing the most innovative geometries and the latest coating advances from the major tool coating companies. The result is a constant flow of  new products that offer remarkable wear resistance qualities, tool life longevity and performance. For further details on our standard PCD and diamond coated cutting tool ranges as well as details on the design and manufacturing capabilities available, please contact our head office in Tamworth.

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