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ITC Extends Composite Milling Range

ITC Extends Composite Milling Range

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 24 June 2015

The extensive line of milling tools for machining graphite, glass and  carbon fibre composites from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now been extended to meet market demands. The success of the 4121 Cyber Series of end mills in the aerospace and motorsport sectors has convinced ITC to extend its 'micro' range of cutting tool solutions with the introduction of 1 and 2mm diameter cutters.

The solid carbide square end mill cutters have been developed from a micro-grain carbide composition for enhanced rigidity, tool life and machining performance. This rigidity is a pre-requisite for high performance machining of abrasive materials. To deliver optimal cutting conditions when machining these difficult to process materials, ITC's four fluted series is diamond coated to dissipate heat and prolong tool life. Utilising innovative coating processes, the adhesion of the diamond layer excels under extreme cutting conditions.

The new 1 and 2mm diameter centre cutting end mills have a 3mm shank diameter, an overall length of 40mm and a cut length of 3 and 7mm respectively. The two additions to the 4121 Cyber Series enables customers to perform intricate machining operations on a variety of abrasive materials. The new tools complete the 4121 line-up alongside additional diameters that include 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm diameters with a length of cut from 3 to 25mm and an overall length from 40 to 76mm.

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