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ITC Has a Treat In Store for Customers..
ITC Has a Treat In Store for Customers..

ITC Has a Treat In Store for Customers..

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 12 October 2016

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is already preparing for 2017 and beyond with the expansion of its stores and dispatch departments. As part of the company's recent expansion plans, the Tamworth cutting tool specialist has just extended its stores and dispatch departments by 50%. 

The two divisions now account for a floor area of 5,000 sq/ft, or 25% of the company's overall factory space. What this means for the customer is that ITC will have over 20,000 cutting tool products in stock at any one time with a value of £3M. 

Commenting upon the vastly increased capacity, ITC's Managing Director, Mr Peter Graves says: "The on-going company expansion will see our production capacity more than double over the next few years. Added to this, our representation of high quality cutting tools and tool holding products from Widia, BIG KAISER and Micro 100 is being very well received in the marketplace."

"To facilitate the uptake in demand for these new product lines as well as our increased production rates, we have expanded our workforce. So, our stockholding and inventory management is the next natural step. Holding more extensive product lines will give us greater market penetration whilst enabling us to expand our 'next day' delivery capability”

The increased capacity of both the stores and dispatch departments will ensure that ITC maintains its commitment to customer service excellence whilst facilitating the on-going growth of the Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer.

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