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ITC Introduces The Next Generation of Indexable Drilling

ITC Introduces The Next Generation of Indexable Drilling

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 06 September 2016

If you believe having a single, versatile tool simplifies your job significantly, you'll want to check out the latest Top Cut 4 drilling line from Widia that is now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC). Specifically designed for versatility, the newly developed Top Cut 4 efficiently machines a broad assortment of materials.

With the new drill, manufacturers can feel confident when applying one tool to a variety of drilling applications and work piece materials. This is because the Top Cut 4 is offered with three Victory grades and two different geometries for drilling steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The new drilling line is available in diameters from 12 to 68mm.

For the customer with a workload that changes on a daily basis where stable or unstable conditions are the norm, the Top Cut 4 guarantees the highest standards of cost efficiency and quality for any drilling operation, in any given situation. The Widia Top Cut 4 from ITC is a proven solution for all drilling problems as it can reduce inventory with one tool being applied to multiple operations. Furthermore, the Top Cut 4  generates impressive tool life and consistent performance when cutting at accelerated speeds.

A true multi-problem-solver in one platform, Top Cut 4 is targeted to end users that need one drill that can be applied in a variety of drilling applications and different workpiece materials. Top Cut 4’s breadth of application capabilities include through- and cross-holes, inclined entry and exit, 45º corner, half-cylindrical, concave and chain drilling.

With outstanding flexibility, unique centring capabilities and 4 edge inserts for both pocket seats, the Top Cut 4 delivers rigidity, stability and tool life that is beyond alternate products. Capable of cutting at up to 5XD, the Top Cut 4 has a particularly large chip gullet for maximum material removal

The high material removal rates are credit to the combined cutting edge profile that has both periphery and centre inserts that stabilise the drill and balance the cutting forces. This prevents drifting on irregular surfaces and ensures uncompromising quality and precision. For further details on this all-round drilling line, contact your local ITC representative or visit www.widia.com/en/featured/Top-Cut-4.html or alternately see the video at https://youtu.be/rt_Ohc63Nag

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