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ITC launches high precision face grooving system

ITC launches high precision face grooving system

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 02 June 2015

To extend its product offering to turned parts manufacturers, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now launched a new line of  insert holders for face grooving from KAISER Precision Tooling.  The new insert line has been specifically designed to fit KAISER’s series 318 and SW twin-cutter boring heads that is also in the ITC armory.

The new additions are aimed at a broad range of applications across mechanical engineering, aerospace, energy and the automotive sector - all industries where ITC is exceeding market expectations with regard to performance, productivity and innovation.  

Face grooving with boring tools is generally more efficient than milling with circular interpolation, especially when manufacturing bores with large diameters. Additionally, whenever a surface for a sealing application is required, there is no other option than to use boring tools with face grooving accessories.

The new face grooving system offered by Tamworth cutting tool specialist ITC, can be used as either a single or twin grooving tool for diameter ranges from 53mm to 3000mm. The new innovation can accomodate these diameters with a grooving depth up to 12mm and a width up to 9.5mm (5mm with a single cutter).

Using the boring tools as twin cutters with a simultaneous adjustment in radius and length, allows the feed rate to be increased. Using the cutters in the diameter offset operation enables a groove width of up to 9.5mm to be achieved. This enables both inside and outside diameters to be adjusted separately within the smallest tolerances. Thus ensuring precision, productivity and surface finishes a manufacturer would expect from market leading names such as ITC and KAISER. The two cutting edges can be adjusted easily to the same length and this is credit to an eccentric bolt mechanism with a clear direction indication.

''KAISER products give our customers an unparalleled combination of quality, precision and ruggedness. These new face grooving holders uphold that tradition, while adding additional options to the applications possible with our series 318 and SW boring heads,'' says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER Precision Tooling.

KAISER can also manufacture specific solutions to meet the demands of the end user and for further details, please contact a technical member of the ITC engineering team.

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