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WIDIA Victory VSM11 cutter and inserts

WIDIA Victory VSM11 cutter and inserts

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 02 March 2015

Described as an 'all-rounder', Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is now offering the WIDIA Victory high-performance milling cutter for multiple functions such as shoulder milling, slotting, pocket milling, ramping and helical interpolation.

With a wide variety of grades, the latest WIDIA Victory™ milling line can be applied to a variety of workpiece materials. The new VSM11 line provides  versatility for a wide range of applications as it has been specifically engineered and optimized to provide higher productivity for job shops. The VSM11 cutter bodies have an integral chip gash design for excellent chip evacuation along with a hardened-steel construction and hardened pocket seats for improved resistance to deformation. These are available in shell, screw on, cylindrical shank and Weldon shank models with internal air and coolant capability.

The VSM11 cutter supports an 11mm insert that has an optimised cutting edge and positive rake face that provides a true 90-degree wall while reducing cutting forces and providing excellent, step-less surface finishes. Six WIDIA Victory™ grades and five geometries make up a well-rounded portfolio of first-choice recommendations that cover multiple material types and machining tasks.

There are many things for job shops to like about VSM11 that is now available from Tamworth cutting tool specialist ITC. One offering can accomplish 90-degree shoulder milling, full slotting, 3D pocket milling, circular contour milling ID and OD, helical interpolation and ramping. Added to this, the range reduces cutting forces and improves free-cutting action and the result is phenomenal hours of improved tool life. For any manufacturers interested in the VSM11 line from ITC, the Tamworth manufacturer has an introductory offer that will make it an enticing prospect.

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