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ITC Publishes New SlimLine Catalogue
ITC Publishes New SlimLine Catalogue
ITC Publishes New SlimLine Catalogue

ITC Publishes New SlimLine Catalogue

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 08 May 2013

ITC has now launched its new Slimline catalogue to give customers a snapshot of the extensive product range available from the Tamworth based cutting tool manufacturer. The new Slimline catalogue is a culmination of the Widia range of solid carbide drills and cutting tools that are available to ITC customers since the signing of a distribution agreement at the end of 2012.

Moving away from the distribution of a bulky catalogue, the new 40 page brochure gives engineers an insight to the solid carbide end mills for everything from roughing through to finishing of all types of materials. With Widia end mills including square, corner radius or full ball nosed cutters with an option of anything from two to six flutes with optional helix angles and geometries for the respective material types, ITC is confident that the new catalogue can accommodate the needs of industry. With an extensive range of dimensions available for the Widia VariMill series of end mills, the new catalogue will offer a simple reference point for the shop floor to identify the cutters necessary for the job.

Furthermore, the new Slimline catalogue includes an overview of the new Widia VariDrill range of drilling products. The Widia VariDrill Series available from ITC provides optimal geometries, through coolant facility and a new core design to enhance swarf evacuation. All this, results in tool life and productivity gains that have impressed customers since their UK market launch in 2012. With 3, 5 and 8XD cutting depths available across a multitude of diameters, cutting lengths, shank lengths and point angles, ITC now has access to Europe's largest and most comprehensive range of hole-making products. With a UK manufacturing facility, ITC can offer end users a vast selection of products that goes beyond the remit of the 40 page catalogue. The new Slimline catalogue can be downloaded for free from:


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