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ITC's New Product Line-Up Will Take-Off at Advanced Engineering 2015

ITC's New Product Line-Up Will Take-Off at Advanced Engineering 2015

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 10 September 2015

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will exhibit at Advanced Engineering 2015 on Stand D13 with its extensive new line of high performance solid carbide and indexable milling, drilling, turning, boring, toolholding and threading products.


Tamworth based ITC, is a UK distributor of high quality and performance products from globally renowned manufacturers such as Widia, BIG KAISER and Micro 100. At the show piece event of 2015, ITC will have a selection of products from each of these manufacturers available, undoubtedly having  something for just about everyone attending the event.


With a little something for everyone, one product that will clearly be of interest to visitors in the aerospace and composite machining sectors will be the new high-speed air turbine spindle from BIG KAISER. The new RBX range of air turbine spindles achieve a market-leading rotational speed of 120,000rpm that enables existing machine tools to be cost-effectively upgraded to high speed units.  Operating at such high speeds helps to improve machining accuracy, enhance surface finish and significantly lengthen tool life, as well as reducing wear on the cutting tool. All these factors make the new RBX ideal for micro-machining applications and high speed cutting of intricate aerospace and composite components.  Under test conditions, the new RBX from BIG KAISER has reduced machining times by more than 300%. Furthermore,  the runout accuracy of the RBX12 is excellent, which enables thin-wall cutting that is commonplace with CFRP parts.


The ITC R&D team has been busy over the last 12 months developing new tooling lines and at Advanced Engineering, the ITC engineering team will be showing the marketplace the new innovations. These will include the show debut of the three fluted 3091 Series radius tool. The impressive new line offers an extended reach for cavity machining and the processing of complex geometries. With a long overall length and extended reach, the tool life and consistency of the new radius tool is setting standards within the aerospace and motorsport sectors.


Also on show for machining aluminium and non-ferrous components will be the new 2201 Series of two flute long length end mills. The innovative new end mill range has a radical new flute geometry that provides remarkable swarf clearance and impeccable surface finishes when machining at high feed rates on deep cavities and difficult to reach surfaces and profiles. Designed by ITC's R&D department that is committed to innovation, the new series is an evolution from previous aluminium cutters. The new geometries on the 2201 Series enable it to eliminate vibration and chatter whilst machining at depths up to 60mm at high feed rates.


For processing difficult materials such as graphite, metal matrix, composites, Kevlar, carbon fibre and additional abrasive materials, ITC will be showing its 2111 and 2102 series of end mills. To complement the range, ITC will also introduce the new Widia VariMill II ER. Added to the already successful VariMill I and VariMill II product lines, the new VariMill II ER end mills are engineered with five unequally spaced flutes. Evolving from these previous products, the VariMill II ER has an eccentric relief (ER) available to provides greater edge strength and permit higher feed and metal-removal rates. The VariMill II ER end mill has a different taper core than the VariMill I and VariMill II. So, stability is increased for a robust performance whilst it has also been designed for centre cutting. 


The Tamworth manufacturer will also be showing a complete range of indexable cutting tools from Widia and this will include the WIDIA Victory high-performance milling cutter for multiple functions such as shoulder milling, slotting, pocket milling, ramping and helical interpolation. With a wide variety of grades, the latest WIDIA Victory™ milling line can be applied to a variety of workpiece materials. The new VSM11 line provides  versatility for a wide range of applications as it has been specifically engineered and optimized to provide higher productivity for job shops.


The performance of these new product lines can be enhanced by robust toolholding solutions that are now offered by ITC, since it recently became a UK re-seller for the BIG KAISER line of toolholders and high precision boring tools. BIG KAISER is synonymous with high quality precision toolholders that lead the market in clamping forces, concentricity and the consequent enhancement of tool life. Remarkably extensive and diverse; the BIG KAISER brand is also acknowledged as a world leader in indexable insert tooling for a range of milling, turning and boring applications. As the UK's leading carbide tooling specialist, ITC is delighted to give its Advanced Engineering UK exhibition debut to this range of tantalising products.

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