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ITC show off the M1200 in the MTDCNC Studio

ITC show off the M1200 in the MTDCNC Studio

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 28 February 2017

Now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is the very latest face milling series of tools from Widia. The new M1200 is offered with two different insert sizes as well as a selection of Face Mill designations for a vast array of machining applications.

Simon Yeomans, Applications Engineer at ITC says: "The different body styles will all accept the same insert, but they have a different lead angle. One has a 15 degree lead for high feed machining, another has a 45 degree lead for general machining and finishing applications and we also have a 60 degree body for a higher depth of cut. This allows ITC to tailor the face mill to suite the machine tool or application that the customer has."

The smaller insert designations are aimed at the smaller machine tools with a BT40 spindle taper whereas the larger insert designations are suited for more robust machine tools with larger spindle tapers. The positive inserts are double sided to maximise cutting edges and economy for the customer. Seated in a negative pocket seat, the new M1200 works particularly well with stainless steel. Running on a 316 stainless steel, the M1200 is capable of running in excess of 140m/min with the 45 degree approach angle.

Ideal for all material types, Widia has developed polished inserts for aluminium machining, CVD coated inserts for cast iron and PVD coated for steel and Nimonics. Furthermore, the M1200 can accommodate wiper inserts for delivering an outstanding surface finish.

The tool bodies are available with a 35mm diameter tool that uses the smaller insert designation and this stretches up to 315mm diameter for more rigorous rough machining tasks.

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