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ITC Delivers Taps for All Materials

ITC Delivers Taps for All Materials

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 November 2012

Following the recent distribution of its new threading & tapping catalogue, ITC has now launched its new GTD2009 Series of taps for the threading of holes in Tool Steels. With a diverse selection of tapping products available for all material types, the GTD2009 Taps are specifically designed for threading Tool Steels. The Taps are manufactured from a HSSE-PM material that is TiN coated to enhance tool life, thread quality and accuracy.

The new GTD2009 series of taps is available from M3 to M20 with spiral point and spiral flutes for the through and blind hole tapping of tool steels and high tensile materials from 32 to 44HRc. The GTD2009 Series is produced to DIN 371/376 standards with a 6HX tolerance that delivers impeccable accuracy, consistency and tool life that is guaranteed by the optimal tap geometry.

The new series of steel taps from ITC have been created for end users that are regularly threading Tool Steel and high tensile materials and demand tapping products that will also work well in Pre hardened Tool Steels. For manufacturers that are more than aware of the damage that can be caused by a broken tap and the potential for scrapping high value products, the GTD2009 is the tapping range of choice. For end users that require tapping & threading products for alternate material types or for manufacturers with a specific threading problem, ITC has a threading expert with over 25 years of experience to resolve any holemaking and threading issue. Furthermore, this technical expertise is backed by the UK's most extensive range of tapping products available.

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