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ITC Taps into New Markets with Widia

ITC Taps into New Markets with Widia

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 10 July 2012

As part of its appointment to distribute Widia cutting tools, ITC is now pleased to offer the Widia range of GTD taps and in particular the best selling GX series. The GX Series of high precision solid carbide taps are extremely popular due to their ability to run at speeds up to four times faster than conventional high speed steel taps.

The GX Series is suitable for through and blind holes in steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials and is available with through coolant to improve swarf evacuation and performance. The taps have been developed for use on CNC machine tools with synchronous or rigid tapping control and precision toolholders. With these parameters the solid carbide taps and forming taps will deliver exceptional performance in this range of materials.

Not only does the GX Series run at higher speeds but it also offers tool life that is extended by up to four times, reducing tooling costs and improving productivity for the end user. Such staggering results are possible due to an optimal chamfer design working in harmony with a flute shape that has been created to optimise chip evacuation. Additionally, the accuracy of the threaded hole is improved due to a ground H6 shank with a runout of less than 10 microns. This also improves the tool life .

Available in sizes from M3 to M20 as well as in imperial dimensions, the GX Series is available in 11 different designs to meet the exact needs of the customer. The extensive choice of styles enable the GX Series to machine steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper alloys and hardened steel up to 68HRc. To permit the series to thread such a diverse range of materials, the GX Series is produced from a micro-grain carbide that is available with a number of PVD coatings such as TiAlN, TiN, DLC and TiCN. This combination of multi-layer coatings and micro-grain carbide offer high heat resistance and impressive wear characteristics. This enables the GX taps to run at high speeds and makes them extremely suitable for production environments. The GX series can be factory reconditioned to the original patented specification with special taps available upon request. For further details on the GX series or other solutions from the GTD range, contact your local ITC representative.

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