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Productivity Takes Off With New JET Toolholders From Floyd

Productivity Takes Off With New JET Toolholders From Floyd

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 07 March 2013

For manufacturers with machine tools offering the benefit of high pressure coolant, Floyd Automatic Tooling can now provide customers the new range of Applitec TOP-Line 700-JET turning toolholders.

The new coolant fed toolholder for the TOP-line turning range delivers coolant directly to the cutting edge to improve tool life, productivity and surface finishes credit to its remarkable ability to clear swarf. The 700-JET series is available with left and right hand toolholders and it accommodates inserts with two cutting edges for enhanced productivity.

The 700-JET is available as the 730-JET and 740-JET that are toolholders in left and right hand designations with the coolant jet being 7.5mm from the insert cutting edge. Further toolholders for larger more robust inserts are available with left and right hand product designations 750-JET and 760-JET that retains the coolant nozzle at a distance of 10mm from the insert cutting edge. All four toolholders are available with 12, 16 and 20mm square shanks that are 100mm long.

Like all toolholders and inserts in the TOP-Line series, the 700-JET range incorporates Applitec's innovative ridged positional system that has three teeth on the side of the insert that interlock with the identical pattern on the toolholder. This provides unparalleled positional repeatability of the insert with outstanding rigidity to enhance tool life and productivity.

The quick change system achieves all this whilst enabling the operator to make insert changes in the compact work envelope.

To provide maximum flexibility, the TOP-Line inserts that correspond with the 700-JET series are offered with three universally tough micro-grain grades and three further wear resistant grades. The uncoated tough grade is suitable for interrupted cutting and unfavourable machining conditions with a TiN insert that is PVD coated for the processing of low resistance materials that cause built up edges. The truly universal tough insert is a TiAlN PVD coated grade that is the first choice insert grade for steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy machining as it demonstrates exceptional heat resistance.

For exceptional tool life, the wear resistant Applitec insert grades include the HN uncoated grade that is ideal for machining low alloyed titanium materials. For the light processing of low resistance materials with built up edges, Floyd Automatic can provide Applitec's HTiN grade that is PVD coated to generate a very low friction ratio. The Swiss manufacturer's most wear resistant grade is its HTA range that is ideal for the light machining of steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy materials.

Combining with the company's exciting new geometries, the tough and wear resistant grades guarantee productivity and performance far beyond the remit of competitor products When this is combined with the innovative coolant application system, the 700-JET is undoubtedly the cutting tool of choice for turned parts manufacturers.

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