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Kasto to Introduce A Universal Bandsaw Optimised for Bimetal and Carbide Blades
Kasto to Introduce A Universal Bandsaw Optimised for Bimetal and Carbide Blades

Kasto to Introduce A Universal Bandsaw Optimised for Bimetal and Carbide Blades

Added to MTDCNC by Kasto on 26 July 2016

At AMB 2016 (Stuttgart, 13th to 17th September), metal sawing and storage equipment manufacturer KASTO will launch a new, high-performance bandsawing machine, called KASTOwin pro AC 5.6, optimised for use with either a bimetal or a tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade. Cutting trials on the stand will demonstrate the short process times achievable.

The company will also present its full range of innovative products for sawing and storing bar stock and sheet. A particular message on the company’s stands will be ecologically friendly storage solutions with energy recovery. Benefits of the technology will be demonstrated on a KASTOunitower storage system.

Surplus energy from braking and lowering of a load is converted into electricity and stored temporarily for subsequent use, for example when moving and lifting the picking crane. It not only reduces energy costs but also improves the quality of the electricity supply because power is drawn more evenly. It may also be possible to downsize the kVA rating of the three-phase transformer, lowering the investment cost. 

Established equipment on display will include KASTOspeed high-performance, automatic circular sawing machines. They are designed for cost effective, high volume production and are renowned for reliability and accurate cutting during continuous operation. Depending on the properties of the material being cut, high speed steel or carbide saw blades can be used.

The saws may be integrated into an end-to-end material flow system by a KASTOsort robotic interface. Robots remove the cut parts automatically and carry out other tasks such as deburring, marking, sorting and stacking.

A vertical bandsaw will be on display, called KASTOvertical, aimed at companies producing smaller moulds and tools as well as stockholders specialising in supplying blocks and plate up to 1,060 mm long by 680 mm wide by 600 mm high. 

Unlike other horizontally-acting block and plate saws in the company’s range, which have a stationary table and moving saw head for cutting lengths up to 13 metres, the machine has a stationary saw head and two moving tables. They shuttle on four backlash-free linear guides in and out of the working area at 3 m/min in rapid motion, allowing the operator to clamp and unclamp material safely, away from the point of cutting.

The KASTOwin bandsaw range provides a flexible, universal solution for batch and production sawing of solids, tubes and sections. The automatic machines feature a comprehensive range of standard equipment and offer excellent value for money. The range consists of five machines with maximum capacities from 330 to 1,060 mm, suitable for use in areas such as mechanical engineering, toolmaking, steel stockholding, and the automotive and aerospace sectors. 

A comprehensive range of standard equipment makes the saws particularly efficient. With their considerable versatility, they offer standardised solutions for a wide range of users. The KASTOwin has recently become available with a moveable material support table for supporting heavy workpieces and in a special, upstroking version for machining tubular material.


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