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Komet Agrees Service Contract With Exactaform

Komet Agrees Service Contract With Exactaform

Internationally recognised as a leading technology and innovation expert in high-precision cutting tools, the Komet Group is supported globally by service partners that can service and manufacture Komet products in local markets. To bring this local manufacturing and servicing facility to the UK shores, Komet UK has signed a franchise agreement with Coventry based Exactaform.

For Komet customers, the agreement will result in quotations, tool production and product delivery being processed in the UK for all Komet solid carbide milling and reaming lines, as opposed to being processed in Germany. By committing to this franchise agreement, Komet UK customers will benefit from faster quotations and turnaround times on standard and special products. Customers will also have the facility to benefit from a re-grind service.

Commenting upon the agreement  that was signed on 18th September, Komet UK's Managing Director, Mr Steve Kirk says: "We have been working on finding a service partner capable of achieving and delivering our uncompromising commitment to quality and service for the last three years; and we've certainly got that with Exactaform. Komet has over 30 service partners worldwide and we are delighted to welcome Exactaform as the latest member of this prestigious group of partners. The agreement will benefit both parties, with Komet benefitting from the expertise and locality of Exactaform to manufacture and re-grind our products in the UK.


Furthermore, having a UK service facility will streamline our processes from quote to delivery and even through to after sales services such as re-grinds. For Exactaform, they will benefit from our sales network that will enable the PCD tooling experts to grow their carbide tooling division by providing access to a wider target audience."

What about the Komet Quality?

For Komet customers that are unfamiliar with Exactaform and concerned with the delivery of Komet quality products - don't be concerned. As a Komet Service partner, the agreement gives Exactaform access to all the production programs and technical specifications of the Komet solid carbide lines. This ensures that all Komet products manufactured by Exactaform are produced from solid carbide of identical specification to the exact geometry designation and with the identical coating condition.

Concluding upon the agreement, Mr Kirk states: "This business model has been working globally for Komet for over 5 years, as it benefits the local Komet subsidiary as well as the service partner. Exactaform has some of the most technologically advanced machine tools in the world for producing cutting tools and these are backed by decades of cutting tool expertise. It is these factors that have made Exactaform a formidable brand in the PCD cutting tool industry in both the UK and overseas. We are delighted to have a service partner of such kudos."


For further information please contact KOMET UK:- 01827 302518


Published on MTD CNC by KOMET (UK) Ltd on 12 October 2015

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