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ITC Introduces Europe's Largest Range of Taps
ITC Introduces Europe's Largest Range of Taps

ITC Introduces Europe's Largest Range of Taps

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 18 July 2013

Already established as the UK's leading manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now launched a new series of tapping products. The new threading portfolio from ITC is already regarded as one of the UK's most comprehensive product catalogues with threading products for specific industry sectors, applications and material types.

Proving an immediate success in the marketplace is the ITC range of general purpose threading products that include the TSP1001 spiral point, TSF1001 spiral flute, TSP/TSF 100 long series spiral point and spiral flute, GTD2050 and GTD2051 spiral point and flute UNC/UNF taps. The instant impact of the new product portfolio is credit to the 'general purpose' specification that ensures ITC offers a high quality tapping range with exceptional sizing and finishes that are suitable for general machine shop applications.

The new TSP1001 series of spiral point taps from ITC are available from M1 to M24 for the threading of through holes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper and plastics. Available from M1 to M24, the new HSSE taps are manufactured to deliver a 6H tolerance in the thread. The Taps are manufactured to DIN standards, and the TSP1001 series guarantees the end user exceptional performance levels and consistent quality.

For the tapping of blind holes, ITC has introduced its TSF1001 Spiral Flute Series. Like the TSP taps, the TSF1001 is suitable for a variety of materials and offers tap sizes from M1.6 through to M42. For applications whereby the TSP and TSF1001 taps do not offer sufficient length to thread deep holes,  ITC can offer the TSP100 range of long series spiral point and spiral flute taps with overall lengths from 100 to 200mm. Again made to DIN standards, the TSP100 can maintain the strength and rigidity of the shorter taps, whilst ensuring thread quality, and consistent sizing throughout the hole.

This comprehensive offering of metric tapping products is matched by ITC's imperial range of tapping products. With Europe's largest range of imperial taps, end users are guaranteed to have all their thread making requirements met by the Tamworth manufacturer. For imperial threaded holes, ITC has introduced its GTD2050 and GTD2051 Series of spiral point and spiral flute UNC/UNF Oxide coated taps. Manufactured from a HSSE-PM material with ANSI standard dimensions, Taps are available in 2B and 3B tolerance as a standard solution, the GTD taps are available from 2-56 UNC through to 1/2 20 UNF.

Whilst the above mentioned taps are specified for general purpose application on steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper and plastics, ITC also has threading products available specifically for the productive threading of stainless steel, nickel alloys, tool steels, titanium and additional aerospace grade materials.

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