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LMT UKs new High Precision Mould and Die

LMT UKs new High Precision Mould and Die

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 08 January 2013

The requirements with regard to finishing mould and die manufacturing are process reliability, good surface finish and extended tool life. The new SF (Super Finish) geometry from LMT Tools sets new standards for exactly these issues.

Due to the high-precision cutting edge geometry with an optimized cutting edge preparation we make it possible to achieve tool life improvements of up to 30%


The main advantages are;


     Reduction of the machining time by 25%

     No rework after replacing the indexable inserts

     Significantly reduced tool costs


The new premium geometry by LMT Kieninger sold exclusively in the UK by LMT Tools UK for the mold and die manufacturing.


Features of SuperFinish indexable inserts.


     High-precision geometry for finishing hardened steel up to 65 HRC

     For finishing and semi finishing high strength steel

     For components with very long machining times

     Very high dimensional and indexing accuracy

     New, optimized milling tool holder product line with increased stability and wear                           resistant front coating.


To get more information please contact;



5 Elm Court

Meriden Business Park




Telephone; 01676 523 440

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