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LMT Bores Through Automotive Machining
LMT Bores Through Automotive Machining

LMT Bores Through Automotive Machining

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 29 January 2017

The high precision machining of cylinder bores, camshaft bearing and crankshaft bearing bores are of key importance for every engine manufacturer. Efficiency, smooth running and low-wear operation of the engine depend fully upon the quality and dimensional accuracy of these machining processes. As a customer of LMT Tools, Liebherr in Switzerland successfully utilises the expertise and applies the cutting tools from LMT to deliver impeccable quality to its customers. 

This specific customer uses the latest generation of motion tools and line boring bars from LMT Kieninger for the machining of cylinder blocks in V12, V16 and V20 automotive engines. By optimising the capabilities of these tools, the processing time and precision can be maximised whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of production. 

Machining cylinder blocks from CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron) on MCX 1200 and MCX1400machines from Burkhardt & Weber Reutlingen, the cylinder bores are machined with uncompromising quality. For the finishing of the cylinder bores, motion tools are used to perform the high precision machining of the unsupported bearing surface including an axial and radial insertion in a bump-off process with an internal tie rod. The special feature of these tools is the internal tie rod that permits the simultaneous and fully automatic re-adjustment of the cutting blades to specifically compensate for the cutting wear. To machine the camshaft and crankshaft bearing bores, line boring bars are used. These bars can be adjusted with micro precision using a special adjustment device. This reduces set-up times, reduces downtime and improves process reliability.

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