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LMT EVOLine Threadrolling

LMT EVOLine Threadrolling

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 21 December 2014

It is widely acknowledged that rolled threads provide the highest level of reliability and durability in demanding tasks and industry sectors. Combining this benefit with the increasing use of high strength materials, higher component quantities and the demand for improved integration on machine tools - it is no wonder that LMT Fette has now created its next generation of thread rolling products. The EVOLine axial rolling head.

During development, the target for the EVOLine was to create a more user friendly platform and improve process reliability. The new modular design with a shank adaptor certainly improves the concentricity levels and supports the transmission of the high torque levels required. Furthermore, the modular shank design makes the EVOLine suitable for a wide variety of machine tools with its simple adaptor system.

The EVOLine also has a chipguard to protect the threading system from swarf ingress from previous machining processes. It also improves the longevity and performance of the EVOLine.

To ensure precision levels are beyond that of alternate systems, the EVOLine has a patented fine adjustment mechanism that sets the standard for precision and repeatability. The system allows the operator to adjust the head to within 0.01mm. This works in synergy with a new closing clip design that allows the customer to rotate the clip a full 360 degrees, so the end user can use the clip or an alternate tool in the machine.

Discussing the new EVOLine range, LMT Fette UK Product Manager, Mr David Dunn says: " This new thread rolling technology from LMT Tools (UK) will change the way machinists look to produce threads. It is easy to use, efficient and the thread quality is extremely high. The customer feedback throughout Europe has been remarkable with the level of innovation, user friendliness and improved thread quality and consistency being the key points of feedback."

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