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LMT Extends Milling Line With New CopyMax

LMT Extends Milling Line With New CopyMax

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 07 May 2017

The renowned CopyMax family of tools from LMT Tools that has been developed for the mould & die industry has now been extended with the arrival of the new CopyMax1.   The single-sided indexible insert has been added to the portfolio as an alternative to the existing and reliable CopyMax2 series of two-sided inserts.

The  CopyMax1 and CopyMax2  have been developed to meet the requirements of the component and the customer, giving maximum cost savings and efficiency for the end user. Both ranges prove their advantages above the competition when applied to roughing and semi-finish machining.

The new products are both manufactured using LMT's HQS (High Quality Sintering) manufacturing process that is registered for patent approval, credit to its unique manufacturing innovation. This HQS innovation allows for the pressing and sintering of a ball nose copy insert in one complete operation. This results in cutting edges that demonstrate exceptional precision and toughness.

As an indexible product, a key advantage of the CopyMax Series is the ability to change the inserts in the machine without removing the entire tool. This makes the time to change the insert, less than one minute. In addition to the arrival of the new indexible insert CopyMax1, LMT Tools has developed new tool shanks for the CopyMax. Now, a cylindrical steel shank version is available with two different lengths. Furthermore, a cylindrical bolt-on milling cutter has been added to the program. Both milling systems are designed with internal coolant supply for rapid chip evacuation and the prevention of swarf re-cutting, giving the end user extended tool life and performance.

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