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LMT Introduces New Mould & Die Tooling Line

LMT Introduces New Mould & Die Tooling Line

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 11 January 2017

Tools are being subjected to more and more stringent requirements when it comes to the finishing processes in the mould and die making sector. A precise surface finish has to be preserved, even if the cutting data increases. LMT Fette gladly accepts this challenge and takes machining to the next step with the Super Finish copy milling system.

The new HSC line SuperFinish4 ball nose copy cutter from LMT Fette sets new standards. It has four cutting edges and a special S-cut geometry. This shortens processing time while lengthening tool life. The HSC line SuperFinish4 increases productivity by up to 40 percent thanks to the fine-grain substrate and the coating that has been tailored specifically for this process.

The 30-degree helix prevents vibration. In addition, the small radius tolerance of +/- 5μm, ensures high dimensional accuracy. The result is that the surface finish is especially with a high cutting speed. It is precisely aimed at the customers with the largest  components and longest processing times that profit from longer tool life and shorter production times. 

The HSC line SuperFinish4 is suitable for all freeform surfaces and components that are manufactured from hardened materials. The new ball nose copy cutter is available with a diameter range from 6 to 12mm. It can be used for the finishing of hardened steel up to 65 HRC and for the finishing and semi-finishing of high-strength steel.

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