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Roughing Titanium? LMT UK HOLD the answers
Roughing Titanium? LMT UK HOLD the answers
Roughing Titanium? LMT UK HOLD the answers

Roughing Titanium? LMT UK HOLD the answers

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 24 October 2013

Heavy roughing of titanium is becoming increasingly common in many sectors, especially in the aerospace industry. This fact alone presents considerable challenges for manufacturers of tool holders. The required machining forces are very high so torque becomes a massive issue in the machining process.

LMT alliance partner Bilz has now presented the ThermoGrip® ISG3400-HL, its first high-end device for the reliable shrinking of thick-walled shrink-fit holders.

The ISG3400-HL was specially designed for heavy roughing. The easy to access shrinking and cooling position makes loading the shrink-fit device simple with the aid of a lever. The coil tower tilts fully automatically by 90 degrees after each shrinking cycle. This means that shrink holders and tools with a maximum weight of 40 kilos and a maximum length of 710 millimetres can easily be loaded. The system was designed for holders up to HSK-A160, SK60, BT60 and CAT60.

Thick-walled and fast holders present no problems

Proven Bilz shrinking technology is used with the ISG3400-HL to ensure that tool shanks from 3 to 51 millimetres or 2 inches can be perfectly shrunk and unshrunk – and even thick-walled shrink-fit holders can be heated without any problems. This is based on the dependable quick-change mechanism and the Cool Down principle of the WK Series. The cooling system moves down from the inside of the case itself and sprays the shrink-fit holder from all sides. The tool can be removed in a matter of seconds and there is no possibility of damage to the tool’s cutting edge.

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