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LMT Tools UK showcase the UNIVEX PREMIUM 90 degree cutter

LMT Tools UK showcase the UNIVEX PREMIUM 90 degree cutter

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 25 January 2013

Introducing the UNIVEX PREMIUM 90 degree cutters

The UNIVEX PREMIUM cutter has outstanding cutting characteristics for high productivity and great production safety.

The cutter has the following benifits

New design with uneven flute pitching, fine pitch, large cutting depth of upto 16.5mm, precision sintered  s with different corner radii and much improved surface finish.

Application advantages

Precise 90 degree face milling and minimum join marks for axial adjustments, Increased amount of teeth in cutter so feed rates are improved, high positive geometry and unequal division for soft cutting and reduced harmonics, internal coolant supply as standard on UNIVEX PREMIUM cutters, extra long cutters available when you need large amounts of overhang, stable ADXX1103 and ADXX1705 s and various grades of coated carbide indexable s are available for a broad range of materials.

For more information on the latest offers please contact LMT Tools UK on 01676 523440. 


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