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LMT UK present the Double4feed High Feed Milling Cutter

LMT UK present the Double4feed High Feed Milling Cutter

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 15 January 2013

If you are looking to significantly increase productivity and to achieve a cost saving then look no further than the LMT Double4feed High Feed Cutter.

When compared to conventional face milling, the metal removal rate (MMR) is increased many times over and also has 8 serviceable cutting edges. 

The multi edge Double4Feed is the optimal tool for face milling and is available with diameters 50mm right up to 160mm.


High feed milling is realised with small setting angles (“kappa”). This reduces the cutting forces, and the feed values can be increased considerably.


The main advantages in using the Double4feed High Feed Milling product line are

shorter machine times, low cost per edge, great chip evacuation and reduced production costs.


LMT Tools UK are happy to advise you with regard to your application and perform a technical evaluation of the process.


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Tel; 01676 523 440


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