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XCNT milling inserts from LMT Tools offers best in class performance

XCNT milling inserts from LMT Tools offers best in class performance

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 22 August 2014

LMT Tools has now developed its new XCNT-EN line of inserts for the machining of stainless steels and tempered steels of normal strength as well as long-chipping materials and titanium alloys. With the focus of end users increasingly becoming energy efficiency and reducing the machine power consumption whilst maintaining or improving machining performance, the LMT XCNT range fully facilitates this philosophy.

The special feature of this new insert range is its synclinal design on the cutting face that is combined with a honed cutting edge that is on the micron scale. The cutting geometry therefore has a particularly sharp form that differentiates it from LMT’s XCNT-SN high-speed cutting insert, which has a wide, negative protection chamfer and is designed for use in powerful machines.

Both these inserts have been compared in a practical setting. Using a Multi-Edge 4 Feed high-speed cutter with a 42mm diameter and 4 inserts, size 09 at a cutting speed of 200m/min and feed rate of 6,070mm/min with a cutting depth of 1 and 25mm respectively. When used to machine tempered steel, the new insert achieved a six-fold increase in tool life compared to a conventional insert. The user benefits not only from higher performance, but also from lower tool costs as the new insert is no more expensive than the older model. 

This performance undoubtedly fills the criteria set to the LMT R&D department to create a line of cutting tools that optimise efficiency and productivity whilst improving surface finishes and extending tool life. For further details on how to improve your machining efficiency, please contact LMT Tools in the UK.

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