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Tool life tripled with MAPAL

Tool life tripled with MAPAL

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 07 December 2015

Tools with ISO elements (inserts) are first choice when it comes to the boring of cast materials. As the need for high cutting speeds and better cooling technologies rises, the demands on the tools and cutting edges increase, too. Very good friction and wear behaviour and high hot hardness of the coating are therefore elementary. Until now boring operations have been widely performed using PVD-coated cutting edges.


MAPAL has now developed a CVD-coated cutting material series specially tailored to the demands of boring in all cast materials - GJL, GJV and GJS. The new cutting materials HC720, HC725, HC730 and HC735 differ in the carbide substrate used in each case. All four impress with their extremely heat-resistant α-aluminium oxide coating with very good coating adhesion. Cutting edges with the new coating offer the potential for a significant increase in the cutting speed during boring, even with dry machining. Machining is easily possible with a cutting speed of 300 m/min, thus offering a considerable boost in productivity. At the same time, the cutting edges achieve significantly longer tool lives, as examples in practice show: When machining GJL25, the tool life was tripled compared with the PVD cutting material HP455 used to date.


The whole standard MAPAL product range of indexable blades for ISO boring tools is available from September with the new cutting material series.


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