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MAPAL expands the revolutionary countersink range

MAPAL expands the revolutionary countersink range

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 18 August 2015

Last year MAPAL launched a completely new generation of countersinks. The cutting edges of these countersinks have a noticeably unequal spacing, thus reducing the axial forces by more than 50% compared with conventional countersinks. This results in less vibration at the tool. Users have been most impressed by the new design and the improvements achieved as a result. The tools increase the precision of the countersink while improving the accuracy and surface finish. 


Until now the countersink was available in five different diameters from 6.3 to 25 mm. MAPAL is now extending this range considerably. The new diameter range from 4.3 to 31 mm is tailored to the DIN standard 335 C. In addition to the sizes already available, the following will also be available from October: 4.3; 6; 8; 8.3; 10; 11.5; 12.4; 15; 19; 23 and 31 mm.

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