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MAPAL has expanded its OptiMill product range

MAPAL has expanded its OptiMill product range

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 23 April 2016

With trochoidal milling, significant improvements in terms of tool costs, clamping, processing times and load on the machine components can be achieved in many applications compared to conventional milling.

For this milling technology, MAPAL has expanded its OptiMill product range by adding mills for the machining of titanium and high-alloy steels as well as for hard machining. As a result, new fields of application have been developed, such as structural components. A specially engineered extremely unequal positioning of the five cutting edges in combination with an innovative geometric layout of the cutting wedge reduces vibrations. Counterbalancing conducted during the manufacturing process (balancing grade 2.5) lowers the risk of vibrations even further. As a result, the milling cutters of the OptiMill family can be used without problems even at high speeds. In order to avoid the jamming which results from the long chips produced through the sizable depth of cut, a chip breaker is integrated which divides the chips in half. This ensures the problem-free removal of the chips from the working space of the machine. All OptiMill milling cutters for trochoidal milling have a cutting edge length of 3xD.

MAPAL offers more than just the best tool for trochoidal milling, though. MAPAL also provides its customers with comprehensive process know-how and can take over the programming upon the customer's request.

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