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Massive Results for Mass Turning Applications

Massive Results for Mass Turning Applications

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 03 October 2016

For manufacturers involved in batch or mass scale production of turned parts, Guhring has now introduced its new GE100 system for extremely efficient face, over-turning, internal and external chamfering - all in a single operation.

The flexible GE 100 tooling system puts no limits on your creativity. Modular

construction, radially and axially adjustable short clamping holders as well

as special practice-orientated indexable inserts, make the GE 100 universally

applicable, especially for shaft, pipe and casing operations.

The main application area is to be found on machines for end operations.

It is intended for such operations as spot facing and centring. It can also be applied to stripping clamping pilots, facing, outer chamfering and centring or for coning of bar stock for further operations on automatic machines. The GE100 is also ideal for the

machining of casings or mountings in situations such as capping, radius operations or face piercing operations on machining centers, multiple station and special machines. All this makes the new GE100 system ideal for use in high production industries such as the automotive industry, motor manufacturers, pipe fitting industry, mountings industry and among steel manufacturers that are coning bars for automatic machines.

Standardised tools are generally less expensive but they are rarely as efficient

as special tooling. This is not the case with the GE 100. This well thought-out,

standardised, modular is remarkable in its flexibility regarding diameter, precision and tool material.

The GE 100 can be applied for machining diameters between 15 and 240mm.

The tool head permits the application on all standard machine adaptors and also on all rapid change systems. By switching the clamping holders or clamping sleeves, customers can machine other workpieces with one and the same basic support. The bore hole in the tool head serves as a clamping sleeve adaptor for center drills, step drills, form drills or boring bars.

The advantages of the GE100 system are numerous. It enables manufacturers to combine several operations into one whilst the modular design ensures shorter lead times and lower production costs. In addition, the rotation of all cutting edges ensures absolute facing and circular concentricity whilst the axially and radially adjustable tool holders can also increase application ranges for each holder size.

With precision ground indexable inserts using optimised, application-orientated

chip-breakers, the GE100 can conduct an indexing precision of ± 0.013mm.

Regarding the tool heads, the GE100 has the option of 2, 3 or 4 adaptors for

tool holders, independent of the machining diameter. Additionally, the tool heads have a bore hole for receiving clamping sleeves for center drills, step drills and other drilling options.

 Easy to use, simple to set-up and one of the most productive tools you could buy for production machining - it may be time to get in touch with your local Guhring representative.

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