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MEGA Perfect Grip milling chuck eliminates pullout for manufacturers

MEGA Perfect Grip milling chuck eliminates pullout for manufacturers

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 05 May 2015

As the new UK reseller of the KAISER Precision Tooling product range, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now announced the arrival of the new MEGA Perfect Grip. This heavy duty milling chuck for heat resistant super alloys from KAISER, eliminates the cutting tool pullout effect when machining under heavy torque loads.


For manufacturers using milling chucks in high speed and high feed machining applications with heat resistant alloys, pullout is a major issue. For manufacturers in the aerospace, medical, oil & gas and motorsport sectors there is a need for guaranteed security against pullout - ITC delivers this with the new MEGA Perfect Grip that ensures there is no costly damage to parts or delays in the manufacturing processes.


The new KAISER MEGA Perfect Grip combines the cutting performance of heavy-duty milling chucks with the security against pullout of solid side lock tool holders. It provides high accuracy and fully concentric clamping. A unique lock mechanism developed by KAISER uses a key grip to prevent slip and pullout of the tool, even during heavy cutting. The key grip engages in the chuck body’s groove and a spring maintains constant axial preload between the cutter and the internal groove. The key grip remains fixed so there is no slip even under high torque.


The key grip accepts standard Weldon flat milling cutters and no special grinding of the milling cutter is required. The grip grooves provide channels for high volume coolant to reach the cutter, which is required when milling heat resistant alloys to dissipate heat and to remove chips efficiently. Whatever the application, KAISER’s MEGA Perfect Grip is simple to handle, and provides secure clamping – with rigidity close to that of an integral cutter.


‘’This new range of milling chucks is the perfect complement to the ITC line of high performance cutting tools. If customers implement this new system, there is little doubt that the rigidity, performance and elimination of 'pullout' will enable our cutting tools to exceed their existing performance levels for our end users,’’ says ITC's Managing Director, Mr. Peter Graves.

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